An outdated department store at Berlin’s Ostbahnhof is transformed into a futuristic place for work and retail based on a design by Jasper Architects. In summer 2021, the building was handed over to its new user, Zalando. In collaboration with the Berlin-based architect Gewers Pudewill, who radically gutted the once enclosed building structure and reduced it to its reinforced concrete skeleton. The volume of the new building envelope made of glass was further altered by wedge-shaped volumes, which offered the space a superior-quality office atmosphere flooded with natural light, even towards the building core.

After four years of renovation, the Up! in Berlin presents itself as an exceptionally modern building, which is characterized by a rough, industrial interior design. An intelligent and powerful lighting solution for the building meets the diverse and flexible user requirements and, with its clear design language, is consistently integrated into the architecture across all floors.