A New Star is Born and Shines in the Sky of Barcelona – The Tower of the Virgin Mary at Sagrada Família

More than two years of collaborating with the team of architects of the Sagrada Família has culminated in a glorious new landmark changing Barcelona’s skyline both day and night. The tower of Virgin Mary, with a height of 138 meters the second tallest tower of the Basilica according to Antoni Gaudi’s plans, is now topped by a gigantic star with a diameter of 7.5 meters made of artistic textured glass.

The tower shaft and the star dedicated to the Virgin Mary were illuminated for the first time in an emotional inauguration ceremony on 8th December accompanied and celebrated by thousands of people on site and virtually. Overnight, the radiating 12-point star has become an iconic symbol for the city and the world alike – lighting up the upcoming festive season, giving hope and strength for the new year to come.

The tower of Virgin Mary, located above the apse of the church, is 138 meters high and will be the second tallest tower of the Sagrada Família once the tower of Jesus, which will measure 171 meters, will have been completed.

The lighting is based on Gaudí’s ideas, who defined the star as a rather subtle luminous body without excessive brightness. Following his concept, the lighting is well-integrated and discreet to complement the fascinating architecture. The lighting concept is made up of three parts; the interior lighting of the tower, visible through the windows, the lighting of the shaft by means of 12 small projectors hidden behind the stone crown and the lighting of the star from the inside, realized with 12 luminaires, placed at the base of each of the star’s pyramids.