Historical Shell with an Artistic Core – The Musée Savoisien in Chambéry

The Musée Savoisien was closed to the public in December 2014 in order to carry out extensive refurbishment works in terms of the museography and accessibility of the building, as well as to preserve the building structure and to perform conservation measures on documents. The actual renovation work in the museum began in 2019 and within four years, a venue was created that tells the multifaceted history of the city of Chambéry, the Savoie region and its people. The team led by the French architect Pascal Prunet and Ateliers Adeline Rispal from Paris have transformed the 13th century former Franciscan monastery with its adjoining cloister garden into a place of creativity, reflection, information and interaction. Behind the renovated and locally adapted building shell are several levels with over 2,000 exhibition objects and relics as well as an exhibition design that impressively translates the undulating Savoyard topography into museography. Licht Kunst Licht has developed functional and scenic lighting solutions for the listed architecture that guide visitors through the background and history of the site and its inhabitants in an informative and exciting way.