The Senckenberg Tower in Frankfurt am Main is a modern redefinition of work and lifestyle. With a magnificent view of the city’s skyline and the surrounding area, the 106-meter-tall tower sets a striking example for modern working environments. The location offers various possibilities for individual work areas and open workspaces for creative teamwork.

The entrance area of the building welcomes one with a generous two-story volume lobby. The amorphously shaped, blue-tiled counter in the center serves as both a reception and a bar, inviting visitors to linger for a moment and to contemplate the media art on the back wall of the reception area.

The direct-beam, linear downlights are ceiling-mounted between the slats to minimize stray light and thus providing full-range visibility to the screen. The direct light is complemented by an atmospheric gradient of brightness softly grazing the slatted walls.

At the entrance and bistro areas, the ceilings are lined with diffused light coves in the form of recessed channels, with a graphic arrangement based on the interior design. In addition to the diffuse lighting, the channels house adjustable spotlights to allow directional accent lighting.

The lift lobbies and elevator cabin ceilings with graphic perforations in metal are back-illuminated for a fresh spatial impression. The perforations are designed in close cooperation between CSMM and Licht Kunst Licht and provide orientation for visitors by increased lighting levels where necessary.