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Festival Hall

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Albert Speer und Partner GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Werner Huthmacher

An Icon for the City – The Festival Hall in Frankfurt am Main

Located in downtown Frankfurt, right next to the iconic Trade Fair Tower the majestic Festival Hall blends into the trade fair landscape.

All facade surfaces of the prominent building, built in 1908, are carefully illuminated in an even manner by in-ground fittings equipped with metal-halide-lamps. They provide warm white grazing light and soften the building contours.

At night view, the grand backlit wired glass dome on top of the large central rotunda takes visual precedence. The dome has been reconstructed according to original plans and forms a central element of the architecture.

The facade of the building part with the smaller rotunda that faces the plaza, is particularly defined by virtue of light from in-grade recessed uplights and plane projectors. On the interior, a concealed cove lights illuminate the dome from the perimeter. In addition, the central surface of the upper dome is emphasized by blue light and fitted with integrated downlights for directional illumination of the circulation zone below.