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Endurance Community Village

Doha, Qatar
Rem Koolhaas, The Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam
Project size
680,000 sqm
2014 - ongoing

Endurance Community Village in Doha

While endurance racing has a short history in the Middle East, there is a strong increase of enthusiasm for the sport, with Qatar being one of the most ambitious countries to promote endurance riding.

The interest for the sport and horses in general has a long-standing history. It was as early as 4500 years ago, that the Arabian horse breed had developed unique characteristics that help them to withstand the extreme desert climate. Naturally, endurance racing in the Middle East is one of the most challenging international equestrian competitions due to the hot, dry environment.

Licht Kunst Licht AG
Licht Kunst Licht AG
Licht Kunst Licht AG
Licht Kunst Licht AG
Licht Kunst Licht AG

In the face of the vast expanse of Endurance Community Village Al-Hamla, the main objective of the lighting strategy is to translate the underlying hierarchies and functions of the site into a hierarchy of lighting with respect to the intensity, color and distribution of light as well as the design of the lighting equipment. The lighting aims to facilitate orientation on the premises for all parties such as officials, horse crew & riders, spectators and press, enhancing the quality of sojourn, establish landmarks and increase visual impact. Another important factor is to maintain the horses in a good and safe health condition, ensuring an ideal lighting environment during the race as well as during resting periods. Furthermore, suitable lighting conditions have to be provided for broadcasting during the race.