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City Light House

Berlin, Germany
Collignon Fischötter Gesellschaft von Architekten und Ingenieuren mbH, Berlin
City Light House GmbH & Co. KG
c/o Credit Suisse Asset Management
Jan Bitter

A glass cube, light, transparent and luminous, at the same time with surprising materiality and minimalist power, defines this prominent block corner near Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. It consists of a “cell facade” developed by Collignon Architektur, a technical, structural and architectural further development of the double façade. This is part of the overall ecological concept of the building.

The integrated artistic lighting of the three-dimensional cells with floor-to-ceiling LED strips shows a unique symbiosis of light and architecture at night. Depending on the direction of travel, the passersby experience the interior surfaces of the window reveals illuminated by soft and homogenous blue light or – viewed from the opposite direction – see a distinct pattern of light lines on the building’s facades. The vertical LED lines are carefully integrated into the window structure considering the viewing angles of the passersby and create a powerful pattern and iconic identity for the prominent building.

The strong architectural identity underlined by the integrated lighting concept has a city-shaping effect and serves as an identity-forming element.