With its ceremonious inauguration and prominent guests from around the world, the National Museum of Qatar opened its gates in March 2019 after more than 10 years of design and construction. The breathtaking architecture of Pritzker Prize laureate Jean Nouvel was inspired by a sand rose and opens up expressive spatial sequences of incredible grace. For the permanent exhibition, the Licht Kunst Licht team developed an architecturally integrated light narrative that accompanies the visitor in a scenic and suspenseful manner through the 700 million years of natural and cultural history of the Gulf state. The quality, sequence and presentation of the exhibits create ever changing themes and involve all senses of the visitors, who are practically absorbed by the exhibition by quality of the abundance of impressions. The illumination plays a subtle, yet significant part in this. The finely tuned interplay of all components, such as the sparse, but spatially defining daylight, the accentuating ceiling light, the differentiated display case illumination and the magical wall projections of the multimedia designers create a sensory sequence, that resonates with the visitor long past their visit.