The Marriott Hotel in Berlin opened its doors in January 2004 and since then it welcomes its visitors with an impressive and elegant architectural gesture in the foyer space: A grand luminous wall clad with softly illuminated copper mesh panels displays a light choreography of calm motion sequences across the entire vertical structure.

More than 15 years after the first installation, the LED light strips have been completely replaced in 2021, so that the 152 luminaires of the 30-meter-high and 10-meter-wide wall now form a harmonious, homogeneous image without disruptive effects again. Licht Kunst Licht conducted a thorough research for adequate lighting products and compared the two favorites in a 1:1 mockup on site. The new installation was then brought into place in a construction period of only six weeks.

Depending on the viewing angle, the visitors of the hotel enjoy different image compositions which are reminiscent of moving cloud landscapes. A lighting control system supports the installation with a number of individual light scenarios.