Licht Kunst Licht
The story behind our logo

The story behind our logo is much simpler than one might think. In the beginning we mainly worked on artificial lighting projects (Kunstlicht), but we also wanted to express that we have high artistic aspirations regarding the implementation (Lichtkunst). Depending on how you read the logo, the two terms “Kunstlicht” and “Lichtkunst” are visible, which points out the equal importance of both components, “light” (Licht) and “art” (Kunst), to our way of working. The pun “Licht Kunst Licht” fits perfectly to our philosophy and design approach. It describes our holistic concept in words as well as metaphorically through the infinite shape of a ring.

[lɪçt] Light
[lɪçtkʊnst] Light Art
Light art is a visual art form in which light is the main medium of expression.
[kʊnstlɪçt] Artificial Light
Artificial light, as opposed to natural light, refers to any light source that is produced by electrical means.