Award of Merit 2015
GE Edison Awards



Marco Serra Architekt, Basel

Diener & Diener Architekten, Basel

Occupant:   Hotel Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine
Completion:   2015
Project size:   11,000 sqm

Marcus Ebener





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Careful lighting design in a historic monastry - Hotel & Spa Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine in Sardón de Duero, Spain

After a remodeling period of ten years, a former monastery from the 12th century has been converted into a five-star hotel and spa - situated in the heart of the famous wine region Ribera del Duero in Spain. The lighting concept is based on a comprehensive family of custom-designed luminaires, made of massive bronze, produced by traditional bronze blacksmiths. It accompanies the unique character of the listed building, emanating warmth and durability. Where monks used to pray in silence, the illumination sensitively underlines the atmospheric setting, using LED technology, thus providing the guests with a place of calm, well-being and relaxation.

The monastery’s façade is gently and homogenously illuminated by buried uplights. Soft light emerges from the building apertures and extends an inviting gesture.

The ancient walls of the cloister courtyard are set in silhouette against the soft illumination of the surrounding corridors. Wall-mounted direct / indirect LED light fixtures generate warm golden light, homogenously illuminate the vaults, while adding rhythm to the elongated spaces.

The former dining space for the monks now accommodates a Michelin Star restaurant. Floor lights mediate between the monumentality of the 10m high, vaulted space and the human scale while homogenously illuminating the ceiling plane with concealed indirect LED projectors.

The precious wine cellar of the in-house winery is illuminated by custom luminaires, consisting of curved bronze brackets and a cylindrical socket. The luminaire design with its omnidirectional carbon filament lamp is reminiscent of the original vault illumination with wall-mounted candles. On the wine bar’s wall, a pattern of wine bottles on bronze racks creates a relief. They are orchestrated by cardanic LED projectors from the aforementioned luminaire family.

In the connecting building between the former monastery and the spa building, the accesses are emphasized by directional light from bronze LED ceiling luminaires. Furthermore, the interior is lit from the outside by small rod light fittings, bringing the garden into the interior. Purely underground, a new spa building has been added. At the heart of the spa’s patios, dark reflecting pools serve as a mirror for the surrounding architecture and vegetation. The stone wall engulfing the water basin is softly illuminated by buried LED uplights. Pendant glass and bronze luminaires have been designed for the indoor pool. They are playfully arranged at varying heights and add brilliant luminous reflections to the space and water surface.

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