Architects:   Patrik Dierks Norbert Sachs Architekten BDA, Berlin with
plus4930 Architektur, Berlin
Interior architects:   MKV Design, London
Client:   Katara Hospitality
Completion:   2017
Project size:   7,000 sqm
Photos:   Johannes Roloff



Swimming in ambient light and lofty heights − Alpine Spa, Bürgenstock Resort, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Completed in autumn 2017, the new Alpine Spa - Bürgenstock Resort presents itself as an impressive retreat at 1,100m above sea level, with a breathtaking view of Lake Lucerne in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The lighting concept planned by Licht Kunst Licht gently and effectively emphasizes the architectural interventions of the Berlin architects Patrik Dierks Norbert Sachs. In collaboration with plus4930 Architecture and the London interior designer MKV Design, the existing building from the fifties was extensively renovated and expanded.

With three levels and a total of 7,000 square meters, the Alpine Spa invites you to exclusive relaxation.

The heart of the project is a spacious room with an indoor pool that during the daytime is flooded with lush sunlight. In the evening, attention shifts to the shimmering water of the large pool, with its wall recessed underwater lights, as the room’s light source. Wall mounted luminaires on the steel columns along the long sides of the pool give visual rhythm in the high room with ambient direct and indirect lighting. By contrast, the historic, massive stone walls are discreetly emphasized in their texture with graze lighting.

Primarily indirect lighting via light coves and integrated lighting immerse the area of the saunas, pools and rest rooms in a soft light. Wall surfaces and furniture details are illuminated by warm, strongly dimmed light. For the numerous cold and warm water basins, a complex step detail with integrated lighting was specially developed for the project.

The exterior effect of the spa after dawn is achieved only through the carefully tuned interior lighting, which is visible through the generous glass surfaces against the night sky.

For the entire resort site a custom light product was developed based on the former historical pole lights. Pole lights with a timeless design and constructed from solid bronze accompany the walking and driving paths on the grounds in two sizes. Through the process of several mockups, a special light optic was developed using bronze mesh, through which extremely warm, welcoming light points the way for the visitor.


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