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Architects: Staab Architekten GmbH, Berlin


With the forthcoming opening of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart, one of Licht Kunst Licht’s most intriguing projects combining natural and electric lighting will be completed. Led by the architectural office Staab Architekten, we had the unique opportunity to realize a very innovative lighting design.

Under the project brief "fundamental reconstruction and remodeling of the assembly hall for natural lighting", the State Parliament building's roof was perforated in order to introduce a multitude of large "light cones" and smaller "light cylinders", allowing daylight into the otherwise fully enclosed space. The purpose of the large "light cones" is to ensure a visual relationship with the sky above Stuttgart, while the smaller skylights exclusively serve to backlight the luminous ceiling, thus optimizing daylight intake.
An innovative electric light concept supports the unique daylight design, forming a perfect symbiosis with the incoming daylight by means of a colour adaptive lighting control system.

Soon, the project and its development process will be published on our website.

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