Architects: Hoersch & Hennrich Architekten, Cologne

The illumination of private construction project is very often more challenging than the illumination of commercial or cultural ones because of a time-consuming and sometimes exhausting discussion with the constructors and the clients, to get to know their wishes and requirements of lighting. In the announced project this was totally different.

A very high leap of faith to our office came together with a translatable imagination of the clients and a very friendly working atmosphere – all together ingredients to transfer something good into something extraordinary.

The very sensitive handling of luminaires allowed to establish undisturbed and clear ceiling slabs and helped out to create a very skillful lighting dramaturgy that highlights the essential elements of architecture and the furniture, but also leaves enough space to develop a concept of lighting – together with the additive luminaires chosen by the clients – that is able to grow and therefor just like a piece of furniture leads to a very own, private and personal identity.


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